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Do you disagree with a claim form you’ve received? Do you have a disagreement with a person or a company? Are you being chased for money or are you seeking money that is owed to you?

Regardless of your position, it can be demanding and stressful, but at One Law Solicitors, we have the expertise to support you and lessen the strain.

Litigation: Money/Small Claims Disputes

The Small Claims Court is used by people who are in dispute with others regarding a civil matter. For instance you may feel that you have been unfairly treated in a consumer matter such as being unable to get compensation when goods have been found to be faulty or you feel you should have had a refund for something you returned.

Customers who find themselves at odds with a company because they will not take responsibility for faulty goods can take the company to the Small Claims Court. A solicitor is not required, plus the proceedings are heard in an informal setting.

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What is a small claim?

Small claims sometimes also called ‘money claims’ are for simple cases that don’t involve large amounts of money or complicated issues. They’re often used to get compensation or your money back if something’s gone wrong. Small claims are never usually for more than £10,000.

You can use small claims for conflicts like:

Reimbursement for inadequate products or services

A claim for money, such as unpaid rent

A claim for repairs or reimbursement for damage

Amounts owed to a person or company as a result of a breach of contract.

Being owed a refund

Being owed money for work you’ve done

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Small Claims Court and Dispute Resolution Solicitors

If your claim is a monetary claim and the value is worth less than £10,000, then Small Claims Court Proceedings should be issued.  The Small Claims Court is a simplified procedure that enables the involved parties to resolve their disputes as quickly as possible.  Other than fixed costs, any legal fees you incur in dealing with Small Claims Court Proceedings are not recoverable from your opponent even if you win and you should carefully consider  whether a small claims action is appropriate if you need to instruct solicitors to act on your behalf since quite often the costs of taking the action can outweigh the benefits of winning a case.
Small Claims Solicitors Derby

Redefining Legal Excellence

Claimants or defendants will typically need assistance in order to comprehend the laws, rules, and procedures in any dispute involving a small claims court because the small claims process can be complicated. If you don’t get guidance, you can get hit with a cost order.
At One Law Solicitors, we can help you determine your chances of success, draft or respond to a letter of claim, prepare a claim form or defence, prepare witness statements, and make sure the case is prepared for the final hearing.
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