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Do you live in a house that is in poor condition? Are you tired of complaining to your landlord and getting no response in return?

We can assist you in receiving the repairs and the compensation you need!

One Law Solicitors has extensive experience with handling disrepair claims and can assist you in resolving this matter by ensuring that the necessary repairs are made. We can also assist you in pursuing compensation for the inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, and physical or financial loss you have endured as a result of the disrepair.
At One Law Solicitors, we offer a free first consultation before accepting your case on a “no-win, no cost” basis.

What is housing disrepair?

A rented property in need of repair in order to be safe and suitable for occupation by a tenant, may be said to be in a state of ‘disrepair’.  

Disrepair can refer to issues relating to the maintenance of the rented property. If you are a tenant living in a rented property, your landlord is required by law, to keep your property in a state of repair, which includes:

Faulty Utilities

Landlords are responsible for providing a safe working supply of water, gas and electricity.

Damp and Mould

Landlords must address damp and mould problems that are caused by disrepair or make the property unfit to live in.

Structural Instability

Landlords are responsible for the structural integrity fo the property and incudes the roof, guttering, floors, stairs, pipes and windows.

Heating, hot water and plumbing issues

Landlords need to ensure that tenants’ hot water and heating are in good working order, whilst also having access to sanitation facilities - including basins, baths and toilets.

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What can tenants claim?

Failure to complete this work or not completing works to a satisfactory standard can lead to larger complications, compromising the tenant’s health and safety. As a landlord, failure to rectify the problem can result in legal action, and tenants could claim compensation.

Your may be able to claim for:


If you haven’t been able to use your rented property in the normal way because of the disrepair that exists, you will be able to claim for the inconvenience you have encountered.

Health complications

If the disrepair affects your physical or mental health you can claim compensation for; respiratory problems caused by leaks and damp, injuries caused by dangerous, poorly maintained brickwork or illness or fatalities caused by inadequately serviced boilers or leaking carbon monoxide

Personal belongings

If your personal property or belongings have been damaged as a direct consequence of any disrepair, you will be able to claim the expense of replacing or repairing these items. This can include, for example, the cost incurred due to damaged bedding, clothing, curtains, carpets and furniture.

How One Law can help you?

Our experienced property solicitors have handled all types of claims against landlords for disrepair and are here to help you if you’ve suffered an illness or injury, stress or loss, due to property disrepair and want to make a claim for compensation.

Free initial assessment

We can carry out a free initial assessment of your case and see if you are entitled to repairs or even compensation>

Professional Independant Surveyors

We will hire a professional independent surveyor to complete an inspection of all disrepair in your property.

Fast Resolution

Our specialist housing team understands how much a housing disrepair can affect yours and your family’s quality of life. Therefore, we work to resolve it as soon as possible, putting your needs first.

No Win, No Fee

We can represent you in bringing a claim on a No Win No Fee basis against your landlord, housing association or council and get you the compensation you deserve.

We know how disruptive it can be when a landlord has refused to repair faults or hasn’t kept the house in a suitable living conditions. At Infinity legal we will always endeavour to get you quick results wherever possible to help reduce the length of the impact on you and your family. 

Are you a landlord?

A landlord is in charge of seeing to it that any reported damage for which they are accountable is fixed. Tenants may live in inadequate housing circumstances due to the negligence of landlords who fail to make repairs.

One Law Solicitors can help you if your landlord has neglected to perform the necessary repairs so that your house is returned to its proper state and you can resume living peacefully. If you are a landlord facing a claim for disrepair ask us how we can assist you.

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Housing Disrepair Solicitors

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Don’t suffer in silence as tenants, you have rights. You may be entitled to compensation and for an order to have disrepair work carried out. 

Our specialist Derby Housing Disrepair Solicitors can clearly explain the options available to you on a range of disputes between you and your landlord, council house and housing association,. 

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